Bomberai Peninsula photo courtesy of John G. Aronson/AATA

T&B Systems has the experience to provide all facets of air quality and noise environmental impact analyses. For both large and small projects, we have compiled pertinent data bases of emissions, background air quality, meteorology, and topography/ landuse, and provided assessment of areas of maximum impacts in the study area. We have compared predicted impacts with international policy (e.g. World Bank) and regulatory agencies (e.g. Indonesian Ministry of the Environment, European Union), as well as local, state, and federal US regulations and guidelines, as required. We have worked with clients through the permitting processes while maintaining a collaborative relationship with all parties. Our most noteworthy Impact Assessments were for the first Geothermal facility in the Glass Mountain KGRA in Northern California, and a grass roots natural gas mining, processing, and marine facilities (LNG) in a pristine region of Irian Jaya, Indonesia.

Tangguh LNG Plant and Facilities EIR
T&B Systems recently completed an environmental air quality and noise impact analysis (ANDAL) for a grass-roots LNG facility proposed in Irian Jaya, Indonesia. This project is a joint effort by BP-Indonesia and Pertamina. The project area is in an undeveloped and pristine setting, sparsely populated with no roads and only limited access via light airplane and boat. As a consequence, the project is very high-profile and subject to international scrutiny from a variety of agencies and groups. The project is expected to comply with both Indonesian and International air quality and noise regulations. Extensive modeling and analysis of impacts due to exploration, construction, operations of the LNG processing plant and related infrastructure (offshore platforms, airstrip, marine facility, and population relocation) were required. The Tannguh LNG Integrated AMDAL was approved by the Indonesian Ministry of Environment in October 2002.

Fourmile Hill Geothermal Power Plant EIR and Permitting
T&B Systems prepared the environmental air quality impact assessment for a geothermal power generating plant in northern California, . This will be the first development tapping into a geothermal resource located at Glass Mountain on properties administered by the U.S. Forest Service and U.S. Bureau of Land Management. Air quality impacts from all phases of the project from exploration; power plant, transmission line and steam field development; and operations were evaluated. Approval was granted for the project in 2002. We are currently assisting the developer, Calpine Corporation, in obtaining drilling permits for well tests. T&B Systems had previously conducted baseline monitoring at Fourmile Hill and other candidate sites in the area for Unocal and Cal Energy as well as for Calpine.