atmospheric & weather information

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meteorological instrumentation & systems

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sustainable technologies &
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atmospheric & weather information

Weather Observations and forecasts for anywhere in the US:

an excellent array of Surface and upper air weather maps:

UCAR real-time weather data :

Sacramento California Regional Data and Air Quality Forecasts:

NOAA's Real-time Environmental Applications and Display System:

Coastal Wind Profiler Page:


professional affiliations

American Meteorological Society : http//

Bob Baxter CCM:

AeroVironment Inc.:


conversion tools


Metric & Imperial Conversion (courtesy FPSI French Property):

US customary & metric conversions for unit measurements :


meteorological instrumentation & systems

Campbell Scientific Instruments :

Climatronics :

Met One Instruments :

Metek :

Onset Computer Corporation :

Remtech :

RM Young Instruments :

Vaisala :

Sippican :

Arizona Instrument :

Airmetrics :

Inorganic Air Quality Analysis of Ambient Air and Source Emissions
Chester LabNet :


government agencies

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency:

U.S. Department of Commerce
National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration:

EPA Ambient Monitoring Technology Information Center:

The Health Effects Institute
A Partnership of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Industry

a multidisciplinary partnership between leading
Southern California Universities, the California Air Resources Board (ARB)
& the US Environmental Protection Agency

Southern California Particle Center and Supersite:

California ARB (the Air Resources Board)
Central California Air Quality Studies:

(the San Francisco) Bay Area Air Quality Management District


sustainable technologies &
environmental education

Environmental Data Interactive Exchange
the online community for water, waste & environment professionals:

the Centre for Sustainable Design :

Center for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Technology :

an excellent resource for domestic & international
Environmental News & Education:

AeroVironment Inc.:

Queensland (Australia) EPA renewable energy fact sheets:

NOAA/ETL Environmental Technology Laboratory :

University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR) home:

an interactive air poluution simulator that shows how your choices, environmental factors, and land use contribute to air pollution:

Air and Waste Management Association
training, information, and networking for environmental professionals